Hello Chocolate Lovers.

Our luscious NEW caramel filling is here at last, after being tweaked and refined 59 times. It's now smoother, creamier and more velvety.
This buttery new caramel is in two new blocks.
The first is our Creamy Caramel. It's even more ‘melt in the mouth’.
We haven’t forgotten you Dark Chocolate Lovers. We’ve also added a hint of salt to our caramel filling and encased it in our divine 62% dark chocolate.


Look for it in store from Monday May 14th. 


Smooth and velvety

Our luscious new caramel filling is creamier, smoother and more velvety. For this 250g block we’ve covered it in super smooth 33% Cocoa creamy milk chocolate to make it even more melt in the mouth.

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Rich and decadent

Dark Chocolate Lovers rejoice. Inside this 62% dark chocolate 250g block you’ll discover our new creamier, smoother caramel filling with a added pinch of salt.

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Our new caramel is finally here.

And it's got Chocolate Lovers talking. Try it for yourself and join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram using #whittakerscaramel.


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