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Delicious things come in small, compostable packages

Chocolate Lovers, you know we’re always working on creating exciting new flavours, but did you know that we’re also working on crafting sustainable packaging?

What we’ve done so far

A few months ago, we ran a  small trial with Chocolate Lovers in our home town of Porirua, New Zealand. First, we produced compostable wrappers for our iconic Peanut Slab. We partnered with local company, For The Better Good (FTBG), to make sure our wrappers had the best chance of being composted. If you’re not familiar with FTBG, they produce compostable water bottles made from plants and know exactly how materials can be taken from the earth, and returned to it, in a way that’s good for the environment and eco-conscious consumers like you. 

During the Peanut Slab trial, we worked with FTBG and their not-for-profit Edible Earth so customers could return their Peanut Slab wrappers to FTBG bottle collection points to be composted locally in the Edible Earth compost hub and urban farm. 

What we’re doing now

Following our Peanut Slab trial, we’re now trialling compostable packaging with our latest delightful creation, Whittaker’s Cocoa Pods. This is specifically to assess the packaging’s performance on our wrapping machine, rather than its performance at disposal which was the focus of the Peanut Slab trial.

This project has involved lots of thinking around packaging so we can deliver on our commitment to 100% sustainable packaging by 2025. Don’t forget, three quarters of our packaging is already recyclable! We’re more than halfway there.

Working with Natureflex, we’re using a compostable material to wrap our individual Whittaker’s Cocoa Pods®. This means you can put them straight into your home compost bins! And if you don’t have a compost bin to call your own, our friends at FTBG have collection boxes you can use. Here’s where you can find them.

How it works

Our expert Edible Earth composters in Porirua have been working with our Natureflex wrappers adding them to the food waste diverted from the landfill, sawdust, and Whittaker’s cocoa husks in their compost bins. Over the next few months, they’ll be monitoring and testing the compost regularly.


Whittaker’s Cocoa Pods® wrappers in the compost bins at Edible Earth.

The first batch of wrappers are already in the bins and the compost is currently at 50 degrees (that’s a good thing – it means the compost is doing what it’s supposed to). The compost will be turned and our pro-composters will check on the wrappers in another two weeks. And, if you’re interested in becoming an expert composter yourself, Edible Earth will show you how. 


Whittaker’s Cocoa Pods® have three different types of packaging to dispose of:

  • Individual wrapper. Made from Natureflex, these can be recycled in your home compost bin or returned to For The Better Good. 
  • 200g giftbox. The cardboard used for the giftbox is 100% recyclable. 
  • 125g pouch. The pouch is made from laminate and should be disposed of in the rubbish. But of course, we’re looking for sustainable solutions for this too.

Join us on our journey

We’re proud of how far we’ve come with our packaging, but the long road to true sustainability is never straightforward. It involves trialling lots of different materials, and being agile enough to handle tricky logistics and machinery limitations. How fast we, and others in the food industry, can go depends on so many factors, but we’re determined to do our part. 

We’re calling on Chocolate Lovers like you to show support for our sustainable packaging journey by properly disposing of each material. It’s a big ask, but we really appreciate your support.

We’ll keep you posted on what we learn, and how our long-term, sustainable solutions that can be used across all our products are shaping up. 

Thank you so much for standing by us and as always, we’d love to hear from you to know what you think of our latest packaging adventures.