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This is what you’re really looking for, our delicious products. Take a tour through our entire selection of treats here.



Our search for the finest flavours and most unique ingredients has taken us to every corner of the earth.


Give the gift that probably won’t even last a day.


We’ve combined our divine chocolate with the most delicious ingredients sourced directly from New Zealand’s finest, and equally passionate, artisan producers.


These generously sized blocks are designed to share with fellow chocolate lovers. But they’ll have to be quick, obviously.


Here’s some brilliant small-scale thinking from Andrew and Brian. Our immensely popular slabs, made mini. The perfect bite-sized treat in all the classic flavours. Available in packs of 12.


Our slabs have long been one of our most loved products. It started with the peanut slab, made from “good honest chocolate” as we like to say. Now there are 10 different slabs to choose from, each one better than any other. Honest.


These bars are the perfect snack size treat when you just want to indulge a little in our finely crafted delights.


There is simply nothing like the snap of one of our pure chocolate sante bars. Long, thin and elegant, sante means health in a happy way. And these certainly make you feel happy. Choose your flavour. Also available in a multipack.


Thin, finely crafted and simply divine when they snap in your mouth. These delicate squares of our favourite plain chocolate varieties are the most elegant and indulgent way to treat yourself, and your friends, if you can bear to share.


We started making our classic toffee treat way back in the 1950’s. They are so chewy, it’s quite possible someone is still chewing on one they bought back then. 


Andrew and Brian have created the chef’s best friend. These delicious pips are made especially for cooking. They are easier to handle, easier to melt and they come in a super-convenient resealable 2kg bag. So go on, enhance your finest recipe with our finest recipe.


Our deliciously smooth Creamy Milk and our decadent 50% Dark Chocolate Chunks now come in fundraising packs sold exclusively through our friends at The House of Fundraising. Order here: whittake.rs/thof or call 0800 806 542.


For years, proud Kiwis have asked us to create an Easter product. It has finally hatched. Our Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi has been a long time in the making. Better still, 20 cents from each Whittaker’s Kiwi sold goes to our friends at Kiwis for kiwi, to help save the real thing.


We’ve been making these for years, and we’re delighted to report that they enjoy a hugely loyal following. Made from a delicious caramel flavoured toffee stick, they are then covered in our smooth rich creamy milk chocolate.