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Scam alerts

From time to time we're made aware of scams that misuse our trusted brand to deceive the public. We take all practicable legal steps to attempt to shut down these fake accounts and scams, and we're sorry if you have been affected. 

Here you'll find some tips on how to recognise scams and screenshots from ones we've seen circulating online. Please remember, although we update this page regularly to help you identify scamming activity, there may be other active scams that aren't listed below.

How to recognise a scam

  • Whittaker's will never contact you out of the blue and ask you to be a taste tester or to complete an opinion survey. 
  • Avoid calling back international numbers you don’t recognise and if you are unsure if the call is genuine, the best thing you can do is hang up.
  • All official Whittaker's email communications come from or Make sure to check the sender's email address of any email that you're not sure of.
  • All official Whittaker's social communications come from the following accounts: (on Facebook) Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers and (on Instagram) @whittakersnz. Make sure to check the group name and URL. 
  • Look out for incorrect spelling and grammar. For example, Whittaker's (correct) vs. Whittakers (incorrect).

If you're not sure what you've received is genuine, please contact us

Facebook competitions

There are fake accounts and competitions using our imagery on Facebook, you can find a list of them below. The links take users through to a fake competition or to apply to be a taste tester. These accounts have been reported. Our competitions and offers will always be posted on our genuine Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers Facebook page

 Example of Whittaker's Facebook scam winning message

Example of Facebook Competition scam 2020



Direct email 'Taste Testers'

These scams have been reported as direct email. The link takes users through to a fake taste tester competition. Official Whittaker's email communications will always come from or


Instagram giveaway

This scam has been reported as appearing in Instagram stories. The link takes users through to a fake survey giveaway. Our competitions will always be posted on our genuine Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers Instagram page.


Opinion survey

This scam has been reported as direct email.