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We've been busy crafting something truly delicious...

We’ve been tinkering, creating, crafting, and designing a delicious new flavour just for you. Introducing, fresh off the line, Honey Nougat and Almond.

In stores from 8 May.

Honey Nougat and Almond

We’ve paired crunchy roasted almond pieces with the delicate taste of New Zealand clover honey nougat crisps in our super smooth, 33% cocoa, 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate. It's delicious by design.

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Chocolate Lovers Recipes

Honey Nougat and Almond

Honey Nougat and Almond Panna Cotta


William Mordido

Crafting from bean to bar to you

Chocolate is a family passion and ours has been crafted by us Whittaker’s right from the start. We are sticklers for quality, looking after every step of the chocolate making process. Right from sourcing to roasting, blending and making, read more about how we craft world-class chocolate from Beans to Bar.