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Moist Chocolate Cake


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  • Fiona

    Lovely moist rich cake, and the ganache is super yummy. I left the ganache in the fridge overnight to set, in the morning it was wobbly solid and whipped up beautifully (start the beater on lowest setting and then speed up as the ganache becomes less solid). I didn't have any ganache left over but was super generous with the filling

  • Julie

    Luckily I checked the comments... it didn't seem that the frosting would work as written. After cooling the melted chocolate and cream on the counter, then in the fridge for a total of 3 hours or so, I whipped it. Best frosting ever. It was stiff but workable, light but rich. The sponge was perfect as written.

  • Tamsin

    After some sleuthing on the internet I have figured out what is wrong with this recipe - After mixing the ganache icing, it needs to go in the fridge for about 3 hours and then whipped up with a beater. It then looks the same as the photo, pale and fluffy, although there is still quite a bit of ganache left over.

  • Tamsin

    Very disappointed. Made this cake for my daughter's birthday and followed instructions exactly. Something is wrong with the recipe - The ganache takes two 250g blocks of Whittaker's chocolate, at a cost of about $5.50 each, plus 500ml cream. The mixture is runny and thin, nothing like the photo above and 1/3 of the mixture would have been adequate to cover the cake. What a waste of chocolate.

  • Pretorius Landi

    This cake was amazing. I did substitute 1 milk choc block for a dark choc block in the ganache. It was so rich and so amazing. Best cake i ever made. Tx for recipe.